Meet Lizzy!

So, where to start? I am a passionate, enthusiastic, outspoken, sensitive, born and bred Cincinnatian. As a kid, I loved to be the center of attention, basically never stopped talking, and was known to be a bit stubborn at times…and okay, not much has changed!


I knew I wanted to be a teacher at least as early as kindergarten. I played school constantly, encouraging (forcing?) my sister and friends to be my students. My favorite Christmas gift ever was an overhead projector in third grade. (My dad recently joked that he was really happy I went to grade school before Smartboards, or I would’ve insisted on a Smartboard. He’s not wrong.) I chose Vanderbilt University for college because it is constantly rated as the number 1 education school in the country, and I saw over and over why Vandy deserves this rating throughout my four years there. One of the greatest experiences of my life was student teaching in Cambridge, England the summer before my senior year. You haven’t seen cute until you’ve taught 4-6 year old British children. The accents!


I always thought I was destined for big city life, so I moved to Boston after college and taught preschool and kindergarten on an Air Force Base for two years. I learned an insane number of life lessons in Boston, but I think the most important ones were that I can survive and thrive away from family and home – but also, that it’s okay to WANT to be near family…and it’s okay to go home. So with that, I moved back to Ohio and got my Master’s in Child Development at Ohio State (GO BUCKS). I love the research aspect of education and could see myself in higher education at some point….


Anyway, now I’m back in Cincinnati and loving life here. I have an amazing immediate family, an awesome (and large) extended family, great friends, and a pretty cool boyfriend. I love to read and always have at least 2 books going at a time. Harry Potter and The Giver are my all-time favorite books – and I went to MANY midnight release HP book and movie parties growing up – and proud of it!


I live for summer….and then whine about the heat like a champ. The beach is my happy place, and I hate that Ohio isn’t close to an ocean. My perfect morning involves waking up without an alarm and drinking coffee on the deck while perusing social media or reading a book. Obviously, teaching doesn’t really allow for mornings like this, so I savor them on the weekends and during breaks. I consider exercise one of the best tools for maintaining sanity – and that’s what motivates me to work out most days. I love teaching and kids and watching kids develop of a love of learning. I love to laugh, people that make me laugh, and not taking life TOO seriously. 


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