About Us



Practical (adj): of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas

Pedagog (noun): a teacher; schoolteacher

Practical Pedagogs (noun): Lizzy and Julie, 2 teachers whose goal is to create high-quality, user-friendly educational resources and consulting services to make teachers’ jobs more efficient, effective, and FUN!


With more than 25 years of teaching experience between us, we know the struggle of sitting through professional development or combing through resources that are just not applicable, useful, or simple to implement in the classroom. We have spent countless hours creating our own resources with the goal of addressing key standards and learning targets, providing for formative and summative assessments, differentiating for learners of all abilities, and keeping students engaged and excited – all while fitting it into our limited time available with the kids. Our goal is to make YOUR life easier by sharing these resources with you!


We often joke that we are the same person, and our families and friends have confirmed this many times over. When planning together we often talk at 100mph, interrupting, and finishing each other’s sentences—all with the goal of creating a product that will honor the teachers and children we hope to reach. Our students are at the center of every planning conversation we have and resource we create.

Beyond our common passion for education, we both love chocolate, coffee, books, and margaritas. We exercise to stay sane and often leave intense work sessions to take focus-refreshing walks. We are committed to social justice and fighting for the underdog in all situations.


We are excited about this journey as Practical Pedagogs and hope you will join us as we work to create a vibe of positivity, connection, and inspiration—while creating and sharing high-quality, practical resources for teachers.  


Lizzy and Julie are available for professional development and consulting locally and nationally.

Areas of expertise: Gifted Education, Differentiation, ELA Instruction, Creating Assessments Aligned to Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, and Data-Driven Decision-Making.

Contact us: practicalpedagogs@gmail.com